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Are Legends Born or Made?

I was born as a legend, but you?, Article by Siim Einfeldt

Imagine a situation where you are dropped off in random location far, far away from your home. You have nothing but just the basic supplies and most general directions to go by. Your goal? Or you may call it your final destination, if the movie by the same name isn't the first thing that pops to your mind, is home. How you get home and what your adventure, or why not, survival-trip, will end up being like, nobody knows.

You might find yourself on a remote island of St. Helena together with numerous dead people (well, you have heard that Napoleon, Elvis, and Michael Jackson are still living there, right?) or discover yourself next to Sarah Palin hunting for bears in the wilderness of Alaska.

That's exactly what Heineken®, as part of their latest campaign called "Voyage" will be doing. They will be dropping people around the world in the new series of episodic adventures called Dropped.

Viewers can follow each of the episodes at the Heineken® Dropped YouTube channel, but also through a number of other platforms across digital, mobile and broadcast. Feel free too see the voyages, watch the documentary-style content and why not, add your own video entry to the 'casting couch'. You can also win your own chance to take the legendary travel adventure.

Heineken's "Voyage" campaign is the latest part of their Legend's platform.

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