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The New Xtc???

The Grass Is Always Greener – Max and the Wild Things, Review by Tony Deans

Creating one of the most original soundings EP’s this reviewer has heard in a while. Max and the Wild Things may not be to everyone’s taste (indeed their a little eccentric), but make for an entertaining listen.

“Without A Sound” is one of the most enjoyable tracks this reviewer has heard. Featuring a groovy bassline and excellent lyrics it sounds like classic sixties soul mixed with eighties new wave. A sublime song. “Saturday in May” is a song about breaking up with someone. Its lyrics describe perfectly the heartache cause by being cheated on and Aiden Traynors excellent vocals capture the atmosphere of the song perfectly.

“You Got your” is another excellent song. It features what seem to be humourous lyrics on the surface but once you scratch
  the surface it is in fact a song about being used over and over again by someone you love. The guitar is quite excellent in this track and the chorus is the catchiest on the album. The final track on the album “Rocketship GO” is by far the strangest song on the album and split this reviewer into two minds about it. On one hand you could consider it to feature amateurish guitar work and stupid over-the-top out of tune vocals. The on the other hand it’s absolutely brilliant and a twenty-first-century version of David Bowie’s “Space oddity.

This EP was well on its way to a 10/10 before the bizarre final track. Either way it’s an extremely original album that has to be listened to, to be believed
:: Go to Max and the Wild Things profile

Max and the Wild Things

Influence / Fans of: XTC
Best Tracks: All of them apart from “Rocketship GO”

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