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Are We Ready For Glenton Davies?

Glenton Davies – Are You Ready EP, Review by Tony Deans

Hailing from Alabama, Glenton Davies tries to combine the vocals of Michael Jackson with the dance sensibilities of the twenty – first century. However does he succeed?

We begin with "Go Get on the Floor” which features Davies's crafted vocals. It sounds and feels like it could be playing at raves across the country. However despite being a rather good dance track, it won't be breaking down the boundaries anytime soon. The next track is a club edit which checks in at around nine minutes. It is relatively obvious that these tracks are made for dancing and for those who enjoy doing just that, it is really as far as that kind of genre can go.

Something much more noteworthy (and better in these reviewers' eyes) are the two covers. "She don't have to know” is quite simply excellent. It changes the R and B style of the original and
  makes it slightly funkier and this stops the song from being just another cover. Glenton Davies's can be compared to Steve Wonders on this track as they are quite simply superb.

"Dangerously in Love 2" is a cover that quite simply blows Beyonce's version of the water. Davies's piano is beautifully played and the song overall feels like it could be a Boys 2 Men song. This by the way is a very good thing. The vocals on this track also are sublime.

Glenton Davies has an excellent falsetto and to top it off he's also quite a good pianist. The two covers are miles better than the first one. The only recommendation is that instead of trying to conform to dance music, he instead tries to go in a more R and B orientated direction. Overall a solid EP and one can only wait until the album comes out.
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Glenton Davis

Influence / Fans of: John Legend and Boys 2 Mean
Best Tracks: She don’t have to know and Dangerously in Love 2

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