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Everything Is Made in China

Or everything about China is made in Russia, Review by Matt Samuel Berlioz

I had never heard of a band called Everything is made in China (or EIMIC) but I must admit to not being an expert when it comes to Russian indie music. The 3-piece indietronica/shoegaze/indie rock band (as they classify themselves) from Moscow was founded in 2005 and has built up quite a resumť since then, releasing two albums and having performed in quite a few notable European festivals including EXIT and Positivus. But enough about the facts, letís get to the music.

Their first album "4" sounds exactly what youíd expect it to sound like when you buy an indie album. Itís safe, maybe a little too much. "4" isnít bad, itís actually really good for a first album and it has that new band rawness but it might get boring in a while. Itís an album you listen to again and again when you first buy it, but after some time it ends up collecting dust in your cd collection.

Their second album "Automatic Movements" is a completely different story. It shows
  what happens when a band steps out of their comfort zone and starts experimenting with their music. The album felt like a breath of fresh air, even though it was released in 2009 and I'm listening to it in 2012. Incorporating light electronic effects both in to the music and the vocal gives the album a "light" and euphoric feeling. A definite addition to my springtime playlist.
EIMIC has developed their electronic sound even further on their newly released single "Parade" and it works, especially in "Brittle Crystal", the second track on the single.

All in all, if you havenít heard of Everything is made in China, you soon will. They have managed to fuse together the old indie sound, that people love and a nice electronic sound as well. God speed boys, god speed.

Favourite song: "В Рейс". Why? Iíve always had a strange fondness for the Russian language in rock songs. Although being a cover of a song originally played by Mumiy Troll, it surpasses the original (for me at least).
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Everything is made in China

Influence / Fans of:
Best Tracks: В Рейс

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